A Poem for Winter

The mower’s been put away with care, the snow blower’s ready to do its share.

The leaves are gone I’m sad to say, but they will return some warm spring day.

The windows washed and caulked today, the outdoor things all put away.

The car is waxed and in its stall, it’s been that way since early fall.

The rakes and yard tools all in place, the snow shovels ready just in case.

Now ready are bags of good bird feed, my battle with squirrels begins indeed.

In the garage I found a mouse, he wanted to be inside my house.

The time has come to stay inside, too cold to walk I now will ride.

New books I now have time to read, to slow down now I feel I need.

The winter things I now will do, like sending poems like this to you.

A  Poem by William May
(member UCG Chicago)

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