Ministry 3 A Miracle

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This installment about the ministry continues with my background and my calling into the ministry.  I write this because it explains how I manage the process of how I view God’s calling of others into the highest of callings.

The ministry is unlike most occupations.  You cannot decide wholly by yourself to become a minister as you can for an occupation or profession such as an accountant, teacher, biologist, engineer, whatever.  The Apostle Paul gives this insight into the origins of his ministry when writing to Timothy: “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry… (I Timothy 1:12 emphasis mine)

My introduction into what has become a lifetime mission began with my acquaintance with biblical truths that were notably different from what I had grown up with.  I might add, that I was devout and serious about what I had grown up in.  I had served in the Ukrainian Orthodox church as an altar boy through my teen years.  I had a good relationship with our priest who was a dynamic person who interacted well with youth. I was head of our youth club in the church.  I felt that I had a conscience and awareness of right and wrong and wanted to do right, not that I was always consistent in doing right.

In my last post I mentioned that a miraculous event occurred in April 1966. 

My father was quite negative towards my new-found convictions that I started coming to through reading Church of God literature since 1961 in eighth grade.  I started attending Sabbath services on my own in late 1965 and shared my new knowledge with my inquisitive parents for week after week after coming home from church. 

In April, my father decided that it was time to speak with a minister.  My mother was more sympathetic to my convictions, but did not want to go against my father.  But, now, both of them wanted to speak to Sherwin McMichael, the pastor of the church. They invited him on a weeknight and stayed up until 2:00 am talking to him.  I only peered in once in a while into the conversation as I know that my parents really wanted to talk to him alone.

When the conversation ended in the middle of the night, Sherwin McMichael invited my parents to church services.  The subjects they talked about had to do with biblical doctrine, prophecy, the state of the world.  My father had read all of Winston Churchill’s books and had a deep impression of man’s inability to live at peace. He would speak to me about the senselessness of war and what it did to families.  He had come to the United States as a World War II refugee after an extremely difficult time in a work and later concentration and then refugee camp.  He had a deep understanding of human suffering from first-hand experience.  What the Bible spoke of before the return of Jesus Christ harmonized with the experience he had gone through from 1942 to 1949.  My father found the Truth about what human life is and our purpose for existance.  What the Bible said to him became a loud voice of guidance and he had found this voice reassuring.

We started now to attend church service together as a family in South Minneapolis at Laidlaw Hall near Lake Street where I-35W would be built.

This was a miracle!  A mind that rejected what he was hearing was now convinced that there was something here.  It was much more than “something.”  Here were found answers to life’s biggest questions:  Who is God? What is man?  What is man’s responsibility to God?  What is life?  What is death?  And, more….

I speak of this in my series about the ministry because it points out how God is working with people, guiding and directing lives for His purpose.  This was big moment to me as it showed what God was doing in our lives.

I believe in Providence and Destiny which I see in my life and the lives of people who I work with.  I see the forming of convictions, removal of ignorance and fog from our minds and seeing the glory of God as He works events in the lives of all who surrender themselves to Him.  Now, I explore the same dynamics in the lives of others as they are called into the ministry and will continue to discuss this in this series.

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