Ministry 1 Looking for ministers

In my work, I’m always on the lookout for those who are qualified to serve in the Ministry of Jesus Christ.

I need to immediately correct this statement.  I’m always looking for those whom God is calling to the ministry; those who have the special qualities needed to be a shepherd of those God is also calling for salvation. This person need to have not only the head but the heart to care for, yes be a steward of another person’s development and ultimate salvation, meaning attaining eternal life.

I would like to write a few posts here on this blog.  I was going to write a quickie overall post, but think now that I’ll continue with a series since the draft I’ve started has gotten long.

In the United Church of God there is a need for new younger leaders for a growing church as we have an increasing number in our aging ministry in their upper 70’s who cannot effectively continue, to stand the demands and rigors of caring well for a congregation of people that range from families with infants, preteens, teens, young adults, young marrieds, elderly, challenged, in ill health and those who need counselling and reassurance.  I know.  I have been in the pastoral ministry since 1969 when I started out as a trainee in South Dakota and have worked in the administrative management of ministries.

We continue to add ordained men to our ministry one by one. They are local pillar members who rise to a level of recognized service in their congregation.  Some become part-time volunteer pastor of groups that normally do not exceed 20 in number.

We also hire promising ministerial trainees who are in the 25-50 range that promise to be full-time pastors in about two years.  In the United Church of God, we need more and more younger pastors to care for people who God is calling into His Church.

But, who are we looking for? How and where do we find serious-minded men and supporting wives who will devote their lives in care for a congregation?

These are some of the biggest questions that I seek answers to now as we plan for the future of the United Church of God.

So, this is part one.  Here are some of what I will continue with in this blog:

  1. My ministerial journey – what I’ve observed.
  2. The ministry is a calling.
  3. What the job really is.
  4. The Bible gives us the qualifications and job description for the ministry
  5. Two parallel track skill set needed to be an elder.
  6. Looking for a few good men (and wives who support them)
  7. Who should NOT be in the ministry
  8. MORE

I’ll be adding regularly here. Look forward to any comments you’d like to share.

One comment

  1. This is, indeed, a big concern, especially in southern Africa where I reside. I look at the first people whom Jesus called: Peter and Andrew were obviously successful fishermen, but when called, they left fishing nets, boat, parents and everything else to follow this Man. Since they did not know who He was, it is my belief that there was an inner beckoning that urged them to throw everything away and follow (John 1: 45 – 46). It was the same with Matthew and the other disciples: “Follow me,” and they quit everything to follow Him. Yet Jesus did not take on just anyone who pronounced willingness to follow Him (Luke 9:57 – 62). He was looking for the right people with total surrender and commitment . In a world where people put “the plow in front of the oxen” the common thing is to take ministry work as just another job opportunity with an emolument at the end of the line. Surely, this is not what our Lord is looking for. In Africa, careful strategies must be developed to instill the spirit of pious servitude in young people.

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