Why did you leave? Death of Earl Randle

Our family had known Earl and Betty Randle of Eden Prairie, Minnesota for more than 50 years (1966). Earl Randle died on April 4. His memorial was Sunday, April 23. I spoke with his wife Betty,  she recounted how our Dad was so encouraging to them in the short time that they had known him. He was funny and entertaining. And, how she knew our Mom. Betty writes poetry and here’s what she wrote for the memorial:


Why did you go?…My Love! My Heart!
That we should ever be apart
You’ve been beside me all my life… it seems
Better together than many people’s dreams
Keeping me safe in storms of bad weather
You enjoyed the thunder….your nearness made it better
Never afraid when you were by my side
With God up above….in Him we’ll abide
So God has you now. Though I must wait
I’ll see you again…It’s more than just fate
Could any ever have more, than having you as their mate
My Love…You’ll always have my heart
Time for now,.just keeps us apart
So rest my sweet….. we’ll be together again
As life passes by….I’ll see you then


Betty Randle

Earl Randle
Earl Randle


Betty RandleBetty Randle
Betty Randle

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