Something GOOD!

We are drawn to dirt on the Internet.  The most viral subjects have to do with scandal, controversy, catastrophe….all things unpleasant and evil.  The number of views, comments that come forward on Facebook are on the worst of offerings.

GOOD things, on the other hand, are met with a yawn.  Oh, they’re nice, but they don’t go viral too often.

I found something GOOD that’s been addictive….and something to look forward to more

Our Church in Australia has started up streaming radio.  It runs 24/7 on the Internet and comes through clear as a bell all around the world.  It contains a variety of audio offerings from our UCG Website.  There are narrations of interesting short blogs, ABC classes, sermons, music interludes.  It’s still being developed and hopefully, will take off to higher heights.

This past week I’ve been listening to it in my office, in the car and at home and really like the variety.  I am listening to things I would NOT have gone to directly.  They just come at me.  This morning there was an interesting blog read about financial management that I would never have listened to unless it was just broadcast to me while I was doing something eles.

Here’s the way this service is advertised on the Australian UCG Website:

Welcome to the brand new online radio station for United Church of God – Australia, now streaming 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Listen to booklet and magazine readings, Bible readings, Bible Q&As, Sermons, Bible class lectures, podcasts, the BT Daily series, and more!

Try it out.  And let me know what you think!

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